5 Tips To Communicate With Your Sales Team In a Post COVID World

5 insights that are affecting spaces & places in a post-pandemic world. The key findings have a profound impact on how we communicate with our sales teams.

Returning to work after the global pandemic, what has changed? For starters, we are all realizing the value of human interaction. In many ways, we are hungry and thirsty for reconnecting with peers, clients, superiors, and teammates.

The desire to reconnect is affecting sales teams, as it is affecting every industry and community. 

Gensler Research has outlined five insights that are affecting spaces and places in a post-pandemic world. The key findings will have a profound impact on how you communicate with your sales team, or teams.

The key considerations for places and spaces strongly affect collaboration and communication. The spaces we work in affect how we communicate and interact. Let’s explore more to understand ways we can support free flowing communication in teams.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Desire to Reconnect

People are longing for connection and reconnection. Whilst this affects real estate, it also informs communication practices. What are some of the obvious things you can do?

    • Set a structure for reconnection. Providing structured meetings, personal catch-up time, and post-work interactions helps build the fabric of a strong team.
    • Get input from participants. People may have ideas and suggestions that you and the leadership team have not imagined. They may enjoy getting together to play video games, share tips on sales, or meet up after work for a physical or virtual drink.
    • Evaluate impact. Keep track of what is working and what is not so successful with your team. By staying in touch with this, you can adapt and adjust as needed.


2. Reimagine the Future 

Now, more than ever, remote work and hybrid working arrangements are changing our expectations of an urban center. More people are moving to smaller cities, suburbs, and country settings. 

While this will affect the future of a corporate headquarters, it also impacts sales teams. 

How will you reimagine the future for your team?

    • Consider freedom and flexibility. Offer employees freedom to choose where they want to work. 
    • Share insights. Share tips and practical ideas to help everyone adjust to working from home or a hybrid lifestyle.
    • Build equal access to technology, equipment, client status, and industry knowledge.


3. Focus On Health Must Include Climate Action

This is no longer in the realm of possibilities. As we’ve all been experiencing, climate action is front and center.

In many sales teams, health and climate can be combined. How will you make this a reality for your organization?

    • Encourage idea-sharing. Create contests, competitions, and collective projects to strengthen personal health and climate health. 
    • Encourage activism. Get involved in saving the planet. Take action in your community, city, or area. Share technology insights, ideas, and practical actions to cut waste, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce reliance on natural resources.
    • Encourage publications. Share ideas through a blog, newsletter, or media publications. Help your sales team get involved by promoting publications to share health and climate actions.


4. Prioritize Human Experiences

There’s no question that in the last year we’ve faced unprecedented challenges. The question is how can we prioritize human experience and offer the best opportunities for sales teams. We want to emerge stronger, healthier, and more successful from this crisis.

Ask for input from employees. People on your sales team know what they need to work more efficiently. Some people may need help with their home office set-up, furnishings, or technology. 

Think holistically. Some employees may need mentoring, training, and hands-on support for productivity in remote sales. Others may benefit from one-on-one coaching about growing their network. They may not yet be familiar with the benefits of making warm introductions. By building a holistic method of 'learning-coaching-teaching,' you can grow skills across your sales teams.

Focus on Integration. Many people are finding that they are using indoor and outdoor spaces in new ways. This can lead to people working effectively on terraces, balconies, and in-between locations. These spaces offer a way for people to have fresh air, views, and a place to focus.

Consider how to create a parallel in communication. Many sales teams are expected to meet formally, informally, at work, and also after work. Look for the connections and opportunities to bring people together. It could inspire new ways of collaborating and meeting that can take your business to a higher level.


5. Design for Post-COVID World

If you are returning to work in a physical office, consider how to invite open interaction. Organize spaces to reflect the new standards for health, safety, and interactivity.

Among many organizations, this means rethinking the office place and making the most of the space. You may need to install new safety features such as Plexiglas barriers, hand sanitizers, and air filtration systems. People are now tuned in to safety at a higher level, and more sensitized to the need to sustain this alertness.

In addition, people are seeking interaction. Set up spaces where people can meet safely and informally. Organize clusters or hubs to promote brainstorming, creative meetings, and impromptu interactions. 

Further, look at ways to encourage equality for people who are working remotely and for those who are in the office. This can mean more reliance on video technology to create equality and transcend the location from which people are working. 

Many organizations are investing in resources and tools to promote equality. This can be investments in monitors, software, office furnishings for home offices, and upgraded Wi-Fi. 


Sum Up

Make reconnection a top priority for your sales teams. This is a strategy to adapt, adjust, and personalize to drive success in a post-COVID world.

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