6 Tips To Support Your Hybrid Sales Team From Anywhere

A Forbes survey confirms that 66% of employees expect to work in a hybrid model. The future is hybrid & the best hybrid team is centered on people.

How can you make sure that everyone on your hybrid sales team enjoys equal opportunity? While we all work in different cultures, organizations, and industries – many of the principles for success are the same. 

The best hybrid team is centered on people. 


The Future Is Hybrid

A survey of 2,000 plus global office workers confirms that 66% of employees expect to work in a hybrid model. According to a recent article in Forbes, PWC, Microsoft, and IBM are all embracing hybrid work as a long-term solution. 

Are you noticing this trend in your industry?

You are not alone in realizing that both employees and organizations find hybrid work an appealing solution.

Many business leaders are not surprised to see that remote work is attractive to employees. While working from a home office, people have been able to eliminate stressful commutes, reduce spending, and enjoy more flexibility. 

The option to work remotely full-time or a hybrid arrangement is key to retain people, and to attract talented employees. According to the Forbes article, 58% of employees say they would “absolutely look for a new job it not allowed to continue working remotely.”


How To Support Your Hybrid Teams

Here are six tips that business experts recommend for supporting your hybrid teams.


1. Equal Access 

Employees need to have equitable access to all resources – whether working in or outside of the office. This includes physical resources such as office furniture, monitors, lights, and equipment. It also includes digital tools such as updated WiFi, access to latest technology, and video displays. 

In many organizations, people are exploring how to insure equal access beyond physical resources. For instance, it’s often easier to think of an employee, simply because you see him or her on a daily basis. This can unwittingly lead to preferential treatment such as office-based employees being included on a project or initiative. 

If you’re working in a newly formed hybrid team, brainstorm how to include everyone equally. This may inspire rotations, partnering, and team projects. Look for creative ways to promote inclusion and equality.


2. Social Interaction

Working together includes work performance, and so much more. With the social distancing, quarantine, and isolation fresh in our minds, many employees are looking to work as a destination for social interaction.

Although a lot of people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from home a couple days a week, many people are anxious to return to the camaraderie of the office. 

If you notice that your sales team is seeking social interaction, gather ideas. Ask your employees what they would enjoy for team-building, informal interactions, and post-work socializing. 

Building on the principle of ‘equal access,’ make sure to include everyone who is on the team. This could lead to new formats for socializing, with some people participating virtually and others being in the same physical location.


3. Digital Collaboration

As we are working from different locations, there is an increasing demand for digital collaboration. Clearly, we can’t rely on physical formats such as paper and massive reports to share ideas.

In sales initiatives, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our work, focus on the most efficient actions, and make the best use of our time. 

One of the fastest ways to inspire digital collaboration is to do what an early sales mentor always advised. “Focus on the cash-register issue.”

In other words, help people make more money.

If you look at digital collaboration in simple terms such as a cash register issue, you’ll immediately see what to do. 

For starters, focus on a digital referral system. This is the fastest way to grow your network, and build it on warm introductions. Not only will this save time, it will help you build a qualified list of prospects. In addition, you can build good will, by referring people to your colleagues and helping out your clients with referrals to other companies.


4. Digital Connection

While many sales teams are looking at the freedom to work from home, or work only some days in the office – it’s essential to stay connected. 

Explore the best ways to stay in touch with who is working where. This can have an impact on brainstorming, meetings, and proposals. Streamline the process so it’s easy for all team members to be in touch – from wherever they are working.


5. Open Communication

We all know that when you’re working in different locations, simple things can get complicated. That’s why it’s so critical to have open, transparent communication.

In our busy and sometimes hectic lives, we crave frequent communication about sales status, sales progress, and sales results. We don’t want to second-guess what’s going on. Whether you’re working from a home office, hybrid, or full time in an office, you want to have your finger on the pulse. 

To do this, implement clear procedures and guidelines across all regions. Organize your teams so that everyone is on the same page. Many organizations are using a hub-and-spoke layout to help people stay in close touch with changes. 

Consider your organization and sales teams. What will support open communication? Are new policies needed? Have you asked employees for their input? Are you experimenting to find the best solutions? Are you evaluating results of implementing different reporting structures?


6. Health and Well-being

Coupled with remote hybrid work models is the growing demand to support employee health and well-being. Employees are looking to their organizations for resources, programs, and tips. 

As you look at options to support your hybrid team, engage your staff. Explore their current concerns and develop a practical approach. Consider offering virtual options such as wellness webinars, peer coaching, and support.


Sum Up

Plan for workplace success in your hybrid sales teams – and make the transition one of high productivity. 

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