Pete Ryan

Pete Ryan is the Co-founder, Co-CEO at CoSell. Former Head of Enterprise Sales at Trello (Atlassian). Previously started 500 Startups-backed, Gogohire - Sales Talent Network; grew the company to $1M Run Rate, 350+ customers, $200M in GMV. One of the first sales hires at LinkedIn and launched LinkedIn's Sales Solutions division.

Stories by Pete

For Sales Leaders

The Sales Playbook for 2022

Jason M. Lemkin (SaaStr) meets with Brendon Cassidy (CoSell) to discuss the "Sales Playbook for 2022". 

For Sales Leaders

Making the SMART Choice with CoSelling

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Resourceful & Timely. In co-selling, being SMART is a great way to enhance collaboration in the 'next...

For Sales Leaders

The Next Big Thing in Co-Selling

Organizations have flourished by embracing virtual sales. Let's look at 3 big reasons why the next big thing in Virtual selling & Co-Selling is...

For Sales Leaders

Will Co-Selling Ever Rule the World?

Co-selling is the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to boost productivity. Here are 5 major reasons why it is perfectly positioned to rule the...

For Partnership Leaders

The 7 Top Trends for Co-Selling in 2021

Curious what lies ahead for co-selling in 2021? We've scoured the news and selected the 7 critical trends for collaborative selling.

For Sales Leaders

Surfing The Video Wave of the Future

Videoconferencing is the future. Here's why we're so in love with it & how you can keep things personal when connecting virtually with prospects &...

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