Thomas Sechehaye

I am Thomas, my friends call me Thomi, maybe because I am 6 ft 4 not sure why. ​ I have been a Producer and Director for nearly 35 years. From the Gofer (someone always yelled go fetch) to large Productions bringing together Creatives from all around the world. ​ My road to success was often under construction and I need to find different viewpoints and different lighting to see opportunities. ​ I now work with clients in different creative fields some of the most common problems we attack are topics like Self-Doubt, Perfectionism, or validation of their work. ​ Issues like Fear of Change or Actual Real Life Scenarios attacking these issues side by side and getting back into the groove or getting back at what you are good at as a Creative Genius.

Stories by Thomas

3 Traps To Avoid In Collaborative Selling

Regularly review the basic principles of co-selling, check for possible improvements, and approach referral partnerships as if for the first time.

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