How Brendon Cassidy Built Successful Startup Sales Teams

Brendon talks about what he learned throughout his career, working at successful startups and what he looks for in new sales hires when building a team.

When it comes to building startups from the ground-up, Brendon Cassidy knows it all: Having held some of the first sales leadership roles at LinkedIn, Echosign, and Talkdesk, Brendon helped position each company for success. 

Now, Brendon consults startups on go-to-market operations as founder of his own consulting firm, Cassidy Ventures. 

On this episode of Go to Market Grit, Joubin and Brendon talk about what Brendon learned throughout his impressive career working at successful startups, as well as what Brendon looks for in new sales hires when building a team.


Topics Discussed

    • How Brendon became one of the first 20 employees at LinkedIn during the company's early days — and how he helped LinkedIn monetize its recruiting services. (3:17)
    • The sales leadership lessons Brendon learned at LinkedIn and his departure from the company in 2008. (10:29)
    • 'I'm betting on me': How Brendon became VP of Sales at Echosign as one of the company's first employees after working at LinkedIn. (15:34)
    • Startup number three: How Brendon helped build Talkdesk's sales operation as the company's first United States employee after working at Echosign. (20:26)
    • Why Brendon looked for drive and commitment in new sales hires when building a team at Talkdesk. (23:58)
    • 'Don’t quit; don’t give up; be solution-oriented': Dealing with failure and hardship in business. (26:31)
    • Hiring a VP of Sales: Brendon's take on stretch VPs and why "a diverse search" is key to the right hire. (38:58)
    • How Brendon defines grit. (49:00)


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