How To Tee Up Warm Introductions

By understanding how to tee up warm introductions, you can strengthen relationships in your network.

We’re all in the business of connecting colleagues with the right people. The question that I’ve been getting in the last few weeks is…”How can I get started with making warm introductions?”


Let me set the stage. Here’s how it usually goes.

Sam knows that Dave is working on an awesome project. Dave is shy, and a tech genius. He knows Sam is a network master but he is reluctant to ask because it seems like an imposition. Sam has several people including Sara, who would really benefit from seeing what Dave is developing.

What can Dave do to ask Sam for an introduction? 

And there you have it. This is the format that produces either obstacles or opportunity.

One of my long-time colleagues, who I’ll call ‘Mike,’ is a lot like Sam. He knows everybody on a first-name basis. He is the guy who loves to connect people. But, he’s really busy too.

This is why I think you’ll like to Mike told me earlier this week. 

“I often get asked to connect people. It’s something I love doing – I get a warm, happy feeling when I’ve put the right people in touch with each other. I think of it as my way to be generous and help the world work. It’s like playing business-match-maker. I just know that something good is going to come from it.”

I asked Mike to tell me how this came to be.

“Over the years, I’ve always had a knack for connecting the right people. And, so it’s no shock that I have a people coming to me for introductions. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. I got so many different kinds of emails, phone calls, videos, presentations, and pitches…well, it was just too time consuming. 

After muddling around for a while, I came up with a way to simplify and streamline the process. It’s something that helps me keep things flowing and moving along – I call it the keep moving forward email.

I realized I couldn’t just wave my arms and expect people to know what I needed. I had to tell people exactly what I needed for an email I could use.”

Here’s the blueprint of the e-mail Mike came up with for making a warm introduction.


Powerful Subject Line

Your subject line is the most important piece of real estate in your email. 

Write: Introducing “X” company. Then, add a clear and compelling attention grabber. Make sure it is easy to understand and short.


Short Thanks and Recap

Begin with a quick thank-you to Mike (or your referrer). State the person who you’d like to connect with via her/his introduction. This also can help gently jog your referrer’s memory - without making it into a big deal.


Initial Details

Keep the initial call, introduction, or meeting very short and specific. If you are not local, spell out when you’ll be in town. This makes it easier for the recipient to coordinate setting up a date on their calendars.


Define Parameters

If you’re in town as part of a raising funding, state the specifics. “We are meeting with potential investors and will be in San Francisco on June 7-9. We’d enjoy the opportunity with meet with “X” or her/his team while in town.”


High Level Info

Think of your elevator pitch and put it into short bullet points. Share the fewest details possible to make the highlights compelling and easy to digest.


Describe and Add Attachments

If you’re attaching a video, presentation, or pitch deck—describe in a quick sentence. And, be sure to attach the items.


Think Precision

Think about precision and make this email a unique piece. Don’t link it into an existing thread. 


Check Contact Info

Double check your contact information is accurate and current. Include all relevant information so it’s easy for people to reach you.


Why This Works So Well: Easy Is Right

I bet your wheels are turning. I know they are for me. And, in the last week, I’ve watched the lights go on when I talk to professionals in sales, business, and services. 

The general theme is: “Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” and “I could have used this for the last 10 years.”

Well, I get it. But please, don’t waste a second on beating yourself up. There’s no value in regret. The only thing that counts is that now you know how to tee-up a warm intro.

I’ve been thinking about why this works so well.

Basically, it’s kind of a no-brainer. 

It works because you are making everything easy. You are making it easy for your busy colleague; to connect you to people you’d love to meet. You are helping her/him quickly and effortlessly link you up with the right person. You’re removing all the potential obstacles. By anticipating any obstacle them, you are proactively dissolving them into thin air.

My favorite thing about this is you are being completely open and transparent. You are being open and direct about the value you’d like to share. You want to provide value to people who are searching for your products, services and solutions. 

In other words, you are making it sublimely easy for the referrer to help you connect-the-dots. You are making it easy for him or her to respond to your request for a referral with, “Sure! I’m glad to do that.”

Additionally, you’re sending this good chemistry forward on to the warm introduction. They see from your email that you’ve got a good connection to the referral partner. They sense that you’re seeking to provide value. This positive vibe is encouraging. It’s likely to open doors and invite the person to respond in kind.


What Might You Add?

I’ve been chewing on this, and after much thought, I realized there is nothing I’d add to the email. However, I would add 3 tips for the process before you write this email.


1. Get Some Feedback

It’s remarkably easy to get lost in the woods of our own ideas. You might think, as I have, that you’re being succinct and crystal clear. You might think that you’ve got everything nailed down to share the full and complete picture. But, we can all get a little carried away with our own ideas. 

This is why it helps to get some feedback from other investors and entrepreneurs. 

It’s possible that with some skillful observation and critique, your email could be shorter and more powerful. An outside advisor can give you objective feedback to take your writing to a higher level of quality.


2. Do Your Research

Prepare your requests for introductions by doing accurate research. If you are aiming to meet someone in a particular company, read up on the organization’s history, target market, and acquisitions. Anticipate questions and refine your aim. Prepare for success by doing thorough and up-to-date investigations.


3. Practice Respect

Potential referrers are busy people. Respect their attention, care, and time. Check in advance so you can respect their time and understand their system. 

Check to see if they have a specific template for introductory emails that they prefer to use. Find out more about whom they would feel comfortable making introductions to – so you are respecting their relationships and their time.

Successful referral partnerships can help you grow your business, innovate for the future, and reach your target audience. They can help you grow exponentially, reaching the people who are precisely looking for what you have to offer.


Sum Up

By understanding how to tee up a warm introduction, you can strengthen your relationships in your network. 

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