How To Win In a ‘No Normal’ Selling Landscape

With the radical and evolving changes we’re seeing in the sales landscape, it’s a time to look closely at how to win, especially in turbulent conditions.

There’s little question in anyone’s mind that “no normal” is a good description of the radical and evolving changes we’re seeing in the sales landscape. In B2B sales, it’s a time to look closely at how to win – especially in turbulent conditions.

Let’s look at the key trends to come out ahead.



The key trait we need as sales leaders is flexibility. We need to have an open mind about changes in selling dynamics. We have to be agile and adaptable to truly understand the evolving needs of our customers. 


Focus On People

As we practice flexibility, the first shift in attention is to focus on people. The human dimension of relating person-to-person has never been more important.

It’s natural that after a tremendous upheaval, you want to check in with your customers. This is a human urge – and one that makes complete sense. It’s not just ‘good business,’ or ‘good common sense.’ It’s a sign that you’re a living, breathing, caring human being. 

Many of the sales professionals are opening up in ways that you may never have seen before. People are sharing insights from a deeper level and it has a remarkable impact. It opens the door for true rapport and builds a lasting connection.

While we know the data about relationship building, this is more of an inside-out approach. Yes, it’s true. According to the Sales Force State of Sales Report, 86% of sales reps are focusing on long-term customer relationships. Over 80% note that they feel an increased importance to build trust in the lifecycle of a sale.

But, what may not have emerged from this data is, we are all in this together. 

This inspired the motto at CoSell: “Sell More, Together.”

This isn’t just a memorable tag line. It’s a way of living, and working. If you truly care about the ‘together’ part of life, you’ll sell more. So, it’s not only that the data confirms it. It’s that it really is possible to use tools, foster a culture, and build meaningful relationships as the core of success.


Simplify Collaboration

It’s clear that online collaboration is the way of the future. The big question is how can we make it easy and simple for everyone to use?

In sales, we often think about solving pains or achieving dreams. This is a great way to develop a benefits-driven approach for simplifying collaboration in your organization. 

Collaboration tools solve specific problems. According to the Pew Research Center, only 20% of employed adults in the United States worked from home before COVID-19. After the outbreak, 71% were working from home. Additionally, 54% express the desire to continue working from home after the outbreak.

But here’s the kicker. Only 38% of employed adults say their job can be done mostly at home. 

Obviously, we’ve got a gap to solve. 

The right collaboration tools solve other problems as well. These include attracting and retaining top talent – those superstars who are looking for the ultimate in digital collaboration. Keeping important client data from falling through the cracks – sound familiar? And, working as a high-functioning team. 

With the right tools and training, working digitally is highly beneficial. Research from Deloitte confirms that when workers collaborate, 73% do better work, 60% are more innovative, and 56% feel more satisfied. Collaboration also enables them to work 15% faster.


Retool and Retrain

Sales reps, sales teams, and sales managers are working virtually. We are finding new ways to have the best tools, information, and workflow practices to be effective.

This isn’t just a 'snap-your-fingers' or 'wave your magic wand' kind of thing. This takes time, dedication, and a boatload of iteration.

If you’re thinking about how to prepare your remote or hybrid sales team to be highly productive – you’re doing the right kind of thinking. The old tools won’t cut it. Simply tracking old data or sorting through leads won’t give you the up-to-the-moment information you need.

For that, you will want to look at the tools to make warm introductions, track communications, and identify qualified leads. You’ll want to have everyone on your team having equal access to the latest insights. And, you’ll definitely want to be able to coach your reps to support optimal performance.


Digital Transformation 

No shock here. We are relying on video, Zoom, email, and text. All the things that seemed remotely possible are now commonplace in our daily life. 

While you and your top reps have adapted and adjusted to this digital reality, not everyone is on the same learning curve. Some reps may still be struggling and finding it tough to deal with virtual selling. 

If you believe this to be the case, explore the problem. Do some informal interviews to find out the current challenges reps are having with their digital sales skills. You may be able to solve the problem with peer mentoring, virtual training, or digital resources. 


Save Time and Save Effort

Why aren’t there more hours in the day? Even if we wish it, there are 24 hours to work with. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to help your reps save time and do things easily. 

For instance, if you can automate the time-eating stuff, reps have time to focus on the important things. By automating personalized sales graphs, reps can focus on building valuable relationships. They won’t lose hours or weeks sifting through ancient emails to find a live contact.

Look for ways to help your reps automate the small stuff and be more effective in managing their time. Talk with your high-performing stars and find out what they do to automate administrative tasks, generate follow-up emails, and stay on point with clients. Use these to build a system that less-experienced sales reps can emulate.

With a little attention to time management and ease, you’ll notice positive changes in sales performance. 


Sum Up

Support your sales teams – and get ready to win in a no-normal sales landscape.

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