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Studies show that 88% of workers prefer some sort of remote working option. Let’s look at what this may mean for your sales team & organisation.

As more and more states and regions open up, many employees are looking forward to returning to an office for work. However, recent studies show that 88% of workers prefer some sort of remote working option. It may be part-time or full-time remote that appeals to different individuals.

Organizations are grappling with the best way to offer employees flexibility of where, when, and how they can be part of a successful sales team. 

It’s clear that the hybrid model is going to be the name of the game.

Let’s look at what this may mean for your sales team, and your sales organization.


Real Connections

Recent surveys show that 61% of workers report missing real human interactions while working virtually. For people who live alone, the percentage soared to 70% missing workplace interactions. People over 50 years old were even higher, at 73%.

As people juggle the ever-evolving issues of safety, health, and well-being with human interaction, we can expect that the need for social contact will continue. 73% of workers want to work from places that inspire human contact, while not compromising health-and-safety.

Over the last year, many professionals have worked exclusively from home. The transition to remote working happened almost overnight. Although many sales professionals made the shift, there has been an impact.

After a year of remote work, many sales professionals and teams report feeling increasingly in a silo. It’s challenging to reach out to teammates, especially if you have not seen each other face to face. In some settings, team members may never have met in person.

Gartner reports that 41% of workers feel less connected to colleagues while working virtually. At the same time, 26% feel more isolated with remote work arrangements.

The hybrid model holds promise to address these issues of connection and build a stronger social network.


Real Safety

At the same time people are excited about returning to shared spaces, they need to feel safe and secure. Organizations need to address these concerns with a strategic and focused approach.

Some of the benchmarks for transforming the workplace include:

    • Create surface boundaries such as Plexiglas barriers
    • Communicate changes and protocols
    • Make changes to lower density, foot traffic, and interactions
    • Be ready to experiment and iterate to adapt to individual and team needs
    • Create collaboration spaces that include in-office and remote workers
    • Share technology equally to promote productivity


Real Collaboration

Every sales team and sales organization will have unique needs for collaboration. As you prepare to return to work, explore who will return to working onsite. Focus on the people who need to work on-site for in-person interaction.

In every team, you’ll find different circumstances and requirements. Some people may need special considerations such as transportation, childcare, and family care. Some employees may have health concerns that need to be addressed.

While looking for an easy transition to in-person collaboration, strive to also promote real collaboration amongst all team members. If someone is unable to return to work in an office, provide him or her with the best technology, furnishings, and support to be a fully functioning partner in the team.

As you move forward, keep track of problems, issues, and opportunities. Create a library of insights and adaptations, so you can share these learning’s with your team. Additionally, look across your organization for new best practices. You are not the only sales department, region, or office that is making this transformation.


Real Learning

In sales organizations, the top performers use a reliable process for getting, cultivating, and nurturing referrals. They know that starting with warm introductions is the fastest way to build a solid list of qualified leads. 

When you have a warm introduction, you are already ahead of the pack. You have a personal welcome to share your products, services and solutions. After the pandemic, many sales people have spoken about the sense of disconnection. Without the usual ways of meeting prospects, there’s been a feeling of isolation. In a fractured business environment, a warm introduction is even more valuable.

You have the personal touch, connection, and relationship that might have developed if you still had access to the ‘old’ ways of selling.

In your sales team, spend some time collaboratively designing strategies and workflows to support warm introductions. Look at all the processes and protocols that you’re currently using. Brainstorm ways that you can involve team members, senior leaders, and other departments to expand your network.

To take this further, share your brainstorms with your referral partners. If you’ve already developed best practices, share these with your strategic referral partners. Offer training, coaching, and mentoring to help your partners get up to speed in a new way of working. Your partners will appreciate your initiative and generosity.

At the same time, you are building trust and growing a stronger strategic connection with your partners. This is a powerful way to transform a difficult time – into a massive opportunity for growth.


Sum Up

Plan for workplace success in your hybrid sales teams – and get ready to have a stellar year.

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