The Sales Process with Partners: Explained

How to prepare and use proven methods effectively during the sales process to streamline your sales process with partners.

Co-selling via partnership sales is rapidly proving itself to be more than a passing business fad. By strategically partnering with aligning companies, both parties can boost revenue and clientele. However, integrating teams can oftentimes be a tricky tango. Fortunately, there are preparations and proven methods that can be used effectively during the sales process. Keep reading to find out how to streamline your sales process with partners.


Sales Process with Partners: Step by Step

When working in tandem with another company, the sales process is not unlike the solo sales mission. However, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness, you must continually perform a series of checks and balances. For our comprehensive breakdown of this process, please enjoy CoSell's Sales Process with Partners Guide


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1. Sync Up Your Teams

First and foremost, you need to make sure both teams are on the same page. This not only includes full product training but confirming an agreed-upon channel sales strategy. 


2. Partner Meets with Potential Client

Now, when your fully informed channel partners communicate with potential customers and clients, they are effectively translating your companies vision to the world. In many cases, your partner has direct sales relationships with your target clients. Therefore, your partner will now take over and unlock the sales portion of your partnership.


3. Discovery and Demonstration

The fun part of sales! Your product now has the opportunity to shine and win the love of your potential clients and/or customers. When you have an established product to market fit, this step will be a piece of freshly baked chocolate cake.


4. Technical Evaluation

Once your product or service has performed its sales song and dance, your client will likely have some follow-up questions. This may involve sales projections, product timelines, or any other number of things. As a result, you and your partner need to do the work beforehand in order to be prepared for these queries.


5. Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Once the deal has been made, papers will be signed, legalese may transpire, and champagne can be popped! Congratulations on a successful sale. Be sure to continually nurture your relationships to create long-lasting sales partnerships.


Tips for Getting Started

While the aforementioned steps are essential for a smooth sales process, it is also helpful to know where to start. 

    1. Choose a Complementary Partner

    2. Complete a Comprehensive Partner Training with Sales Reps

    3. Pinpoint existing client crossover/customer "wish list"


Partner Sales Process: In Conclusion

Working with partners is an undeniably powerful instrument in business growth. In order to maximize efficiency, practice preparation and utilizing proven best practices for partnership sales.

For a full breakdown of initial steps for partnerships, please enjoy our Partner Onboarding Guide.

If you’d like to explore how partnership co-selling can help you and your team boost sales and win major clients fast - check out our selection of free eBooks.



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