Co-Selling Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Making sales more human is the secret to ongoing success. —Pete Ryan, CEO, and Founder of CoSell.

Making sales more human is the heart of co-selling. I've just been talking in-depth with CEO and Founder of CoSell, Pete Ryan. I thought you'd like to hear how his commitment to making sales more human is shaping collaborative selling. 

Making sales more human is an idea whose time has come. We all know that with the changes in our industry, it's been increasingly challenging to put people first. 

We're constantly fighting some of the big dragons of our work. I think you already know the most dangerous ones. Sales isolation. Focus on quarterly profits. Number crunching. Report writing. 

Yet, in our current business environment, we are still looking at ways to respond optimistically to pandemic-induced patterns of doing business. This is the time and this is the place for making sales more human. Putting people first has never been more important. 

As we look for inspiration, here are a few of the juicy tidbits to understand the power of making sales more human in co-selling. 


01. Value Your Relationship

"Value the relationship more than your quota," advises Jeffrey Gitomer, an independent Sales Thought leader.

This is what co-selling is all about. Relationships. The people you know. The people you'd like to know. The people who are looking for your solutions. Sales is a business based on relationships. 

In talking with experienced salespeople, you will almost always hear them speaking like this. They aren't obsessing about quotas. They are cultivating, growing, and nurturing relationships.


02. Love What You Are Doing

Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald's speaks of human value with these words: 

"If you work just for money, you'll never make it. But if you love what you are doing, and always put the customer first, success will be yours."

If you are ever at the Oakbrook headquarters of McDonald's corporation, you will see Ray's original desk. It is set up as if he was ready to still walk in the room. It's pretty straightforward and a lot like stepping back into the 1950s. Nothing fancy — a telephone, desk, chair, and an unswerving commitment to excellence. 

By putting the customer first and loving the job of it, McDonald's became a global household name and preeminent company.


03. Listen, Diagnose and Prescribe

"You know you are running a modern sales team when selling feels more like the relationship between a doctor and a patient and less like a relationship between a salesperson and a prospect…It's no longer about interrupting, pitching, and closing. It is about listening, diagnosing and prescribing."

—Mark Roberge, SVP Sales & Services at Hubspot

Every sales pro can get stuck in a habit of routine performing, also known as pitching. However, as Roberge outlines, the key is to be more like an insightful physician. Just imagine how this could transform the interaction, and build a human connection. 


04. Connect The People

As sales professionals, we understand the importance of preventing sales isolation. It's critical at any time, but especially important today. We have to focus on connecting with other salespeople, customers, and industry colleagues. 

People are what makes sales happen. Making it easy to connect people in need with people with solutions is called warm introductions. 

In talking with sales experts, this is a core principle you'll hear again and again. It's essential to focus on people in virtual selling. While it is crucial to make your numbers and fill sales quotas, forming valuable human connections and co-selling with partners is equally important.

It sounds great coming from these sales leaders. Yet, many sales professionals are grappling with the next normal, and wondering:

"How the heck do we make sales more human?"


05. Develop Relationship Skills

In talking with Pete Ryan, it's clear that we can learn how to be more successful through collaborative selling. Modern business can be challenging, but it's entirely possible to develop our relationship skills. 

When we do this, we can make sales more human. It's not just a nice idea or part of the corporate mandate. It's something we can hold near and dear to how we live, work, and play. While we all face changes in day-to-day sales workflow, we can all learn, grow, and become more successful.


06. Put People At The Center

In your business, niche, and industry, you know that putting people at the center makes all the difference. Think about your clients. Focus on your partners. Talk to and listen to the ideas, concerns, and issues of your sales team. People are everywhere and when you put them at the center, all kinds of opportunity opens up. 

You'll discover common fears, hopes, and hidden resistances. You may find that there are some communication or organizational barriers to transparency. Once you dive into these conversations, you'll be able to expose and dismantle things that are in the way of people working together.


Sum Up

As you focus on making sales more human, not only will you optimize your virtual sales performance, you will join successful businesses that are shaping the market and realizing significant revenue potential. Partnership Co-Selling is how you can virtually qualify B2B sales opportunity. You can use this to boost sales, expand your network, and grow profitability.

Using a platform like is the simplest way to get your sales team on board. CoSell is a robust platform that makes it easy and fast to automate and scale collaborative co-selling across sales teams. 

If you’d like to explore how partnership co-selling can help you and your team boost sales and win major clients fast - check out our selection of free eBooks.

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