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Everything You Need to Know About a Reseller Partnership

The landscape of business is changing almost daily. New innovations in the startup space and company culture are bringing on a wave of new sales tactics.

The landscape of business is changing almost daily. New innovations in the startup space and company culture are bringing on a wave of new sales tactics. Chief amongst them: the reseller partnership.

In this article, you are going to learn what it means to be in a reseller partnership, why you should be in one, and how to find your perfect partner. 


What is a Reseller Partnership?

In its most basic definition, a reseller is a third party hired to sell your companies products or services. For example, when you buy your favorite name brand toothpaste at the grocery store you consuming the product of a reseller relationship. In other words, the grocery store is a channel partner selling the toothpaste on behalf of the toothpaste company for a commission. 

To enumerate, in the SaaS (Software as a Service) startup world, reseller relationships operate in the same fashion. However, these B2B (business to business) reselling relationships operate with a bit more complexity.


Why You Should Join a Reseller Partnership

Let's say you founded a startup selling security software designed for corporations. With an ever-rising need for such a product, you already have an established product-to-market fit. However, you are having trouble getting meetings and actually closing the deal. Enter: a reseller partner.

To enumerate, with the help of an established sales partner you will experience:

    • The vital introduction to potential clients by a trusted partner (lead generation)

    • Access to a sales team with a proven track record (which means no more hemorrhaging money on pricey in-house marketing team)

    • Priceless growth in national (and potentially global) brand recognition

    • Providing added value to your clients by offering competitive, discounted partnership prices

    • Finally, an expanded network of technical support and innovative solutions

On the other hand, your partner will enjoy earning a commission off of your sales. Plus, their existing relationships with clients will strengthen by adding quality services to their business.


How to Find Your Perfect Partner

Clearly, the benefits of a reseller partnership are alluring. However, that level of success only works when you find a well-aligned partner to work with.

Fortunately, CoSell has created an unparalleled partnership matchmaker and systems integrator. To demonstrate, the innovative technology behind CoSell helps you find partners with overlapping clientele. Better yet, CoSell gives you access to real-time data to effectively measure the success of your partner program. 


Reseller Partnerships: Final Thoughts

The power of the reseller relationship is a living example of a "win-win-win" situation. Specifically, when you find the perfect partner, the possibilities are endless. Not only does your business flourish, but so does that of your partner. All the while, you both create powerful and lasting relationships with clients. 

Contact CoSell today to find your ideal reseller relationship.

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