Finding Hidden Partnership Opportunities for Sales Growth

“How can you improve growth?” In every partnership, growth questions are on everyone’s mind. How can you drive sales growth? How can you grow profits?

“How can you improve growth?” In every partnership, growth questions are on everyone’s mind. How can you drive sales growth? How can you grow profits? How can you increase growth from your sales force? How can you help new salespeople achieve the exceptional results of top performers? 


Hunting For Growth

I’m sure you’ve got a set of growth questions that are constantly on your mind. One of the great things about partnerships is their hidden value in helping you hunt for growth. 

You see, people do things differently. 

Your partner company may have a totally different model for sales enablement. They may have different parameters for coaching and mentoring. They may have gone to new frontiers to help transfer the skills of top performers to new hires. And, they may have more data than you’ve ever dreamed of to back up their methods.


Discovering Alternatives

Let’s take a little journey together. Do you remember going to a friend’s house as a kid? I do. One of my friends grew up in a family of 12. They lived down the street and I remember walking into their house the first time. 

It was sparkling clean.

I was amazed at how organized they were. His mom was a nurse and they really had their communication, coaching, and household systems down to a science. They used a 2-person buddy system. All the older kids had younger ones they looked after. They helped them in everything from house chores to playtime.

It was completely different from my house. We didn’t have anything like it. But, after seeing how well things worked, I got inspired. I spent more time with my younger brother and sister to show them how things worked. 

In partnerships, you’re having this kind of chance to see things from a new perspective. It’s a lot like walking into a friend’s home for the first time. You’ll see things differently. You’ll get fresh ideas. Most often, you’ll get inspired to try out some of the ways they do thing in your business. 

While you’re thinking about how to hunt for growth, look at these 3 main areas:


Sales Activity

How does your partner foster learning from top performers? Some organizations look at high achievers and identify the exact methods, processes, and systems they use. Then, working backward, they develop training, coaching, and onboarding methods to infuse new hires with the same practices.

This is a great way to leverage experience to its fullest. You not only learn from people who’ve honed their skills for years in the field. You also can raise the bar for all new hires. They’ll start at a higher-performing place than people who didn’t get this insightful education from the get-go.


Sales Potential

Smart sales organizations are using data to discover and uncover hidden potential. For instance, you may notice that sales are similar across urban and non-urban customers. However, you might also discover that there are more non-urban customers, who are just not being approached as frequently. This spells sales potential. By reducing the territory size, and increasing contact, you can tap into a natural geyser of growth. 

Examining the data may reveal that some markets are buying more of a certain product price point than others. By exploring further, you could discover the reasons why. Knowing this enables you to apply this insight for future sales. Using data-driven insights, your sales team can uncover untapped needs and make product recommendations that appeal to a specific target audience.


Performance Outcomes

In many sales organizations, leaders notice that the skill of the most immediate supervisor directly influences the productivity of sales associates. What’s the learning? Identify the skills of the top-performing supervisors, develop training to develop these qualities, and optimize performance outcomes across the sales organization. 

Now the beauty of partnership opportunities is this: you’re not bound by what is done in your business. You can spot new methods for creating and maintaining outstanding performers. You can leverage training and coaching procedures across your organizations. You can also share wins, offer tips, and provide specific product knowledge to enhance your partner’s ability to sell efficiently.

In talking to clients who are optimizing their sales forces through collaborative partnerships, I’m repeatedly hearing four key themes. 

I hope you find these useful as you work with your partners and uncover hidden opportunities to optimize your sales force. 


01. Create and Maintain Outstanding Performers

    • Your sales and partner process should be focused on how to create and maintain outstanding performers. 
    • What does that mean for you? 
    • What new insights can you apply to your sales process and your partner process? 
    • What can you do to create outstanding performers? 
    • What can you do to maintain and encourage outstanding performers? 


02. Create Opportunities for Mentorship and Coaching

    • You should create opportunities for mentorship and coach with your company.
    • How can you foster opportunities for mentorship?
    • How can you support and enhance coaching?
    • How can you provide training, professional development, and support for mentors?
    • How can you provide training, professional development, and support for coaches?


03. Create Opportunities To Ask For Help

Your sales team members and partners who go out of their way to ask for help will start to outperform each other. 

    • How can you encourage sales team members to ask for help?
    • How can you create sales libraries for self-help access?
    • How can you provide help from and to partners?
    • How can you share insights from top performers?


04. Create Incentives and Coaching Strategies

    • You can align incentives and new coaching strategies with your partner teams.
    • How can you adjust and align incentives to support new behaviors?
    • How can you get input from staff in creating incentives?
    • How can you apply new coaching strategies with your partner teams? 

As you work with these ideas and questions, you’ll find that your skill set of selling, closing, and growing accounts will improve. It’s one of the hidden benefits of working with your partners as an optimized and combined sales force.


Sum Up

With the shift to collaborative selling, successful businesses are finding hidden partnership opportunities to build an optimized and combined sales force. Harnessing the power of your partnership includes creating opportunities for mentoring, coaching, and growing sales skills. This is directly shaping new strategies and helping businesses realize significant revenue potential. Partnership Co-Selling is how you can virtually boost sales, expand your network, and create exceptional value. 

Using a platform like is the simplest way to get your sales team on board. CoSell is a robust platform that makes it easy and fast to automate and scale collaborative co-selling across sales teams. 

If you’d like to explore how partnership co-selling can help you and your team boost sales and win major clients fast - check out our selection of free eBooks.

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