Grab The Reins: 7 Steps To Up Your Virtual Sales Game

Virtual selling is essential to thrive in the new economy. Here's how people around the world are responding to, adapting and embracing virtual selling.

As you grab the reins for virtual selling, it’s good to know that digital selling the way to go. According to recent reports from McKinsey, virtual selling is the name of the game for B2B companies. It’s central to how to thrive in the new economy.

Let’s look at how people around the world are responding to, adapting to, and embracing virtual selling. 


Step 01. Shift to Virtual Selling

As sales experts point out, the new economy is virtual. 

It’s not like digital selling is a huge shock or a new thing. But it is happening at a rate that most people did not envision. 

According to McKinsey, B2B firms are embracing virtual interactions for prospecting and selling. In a huge way. With the impact of the global pandemic, digital interactions are now essential for doing business. 

The McKinsey survey of 3,600 B2B decision-makers found that 96% of B2B sales teams have fully or partially shifted to remote selling. 65% of decision-makers say that the remote selling model is as or more effective than what they were doing before. Finally, 79% said they are likely to sustain these shifts for 12+ months post -COVID.

Companies have rapidly shifted to virtual interactions. They are seeing huge benefits. And, they are anticipating that these benefits will continue beyond the current crisis.

It makes sense. 


Step 02. Embrace The Benefits

Digital interactions offer tremendous benefits such as:

  • Safety: virtual interactions can be done with complete social distancing. From a public health standpoint, this ensures personal safety for your salesforce and your customers.
  • Ease: direct communication is easy to accomplish. Your sales staff doesn’t need to travel across town or the country. You can establish ways for sales professionals to communicate with each other and with customers in ways that were previously cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • Cost: Virtual contact is cost-effective. Just start listing all the costs that are cut by eliminating travel, trade shows, in-person meetings, conferences, and live training programs. You’ll have a cost-benefit list in no time.
  • Efficiency: It’s easy to get new product information, updates, features, and offers out to everyone in a matter of seconds. You won’t struggle with the lag times of remote locations getting information later than the central office. 

It’s no wonder that B2B companies are not only embracing digital reality, they prefer it. 


Step 03. Increase Remote Engagement

In many ways, all the benefits weave a strong fabric for remote engagement. It’s safer, easier, cost-effective, and efficient to use virtual interactions. 

Remote locations get the same up-to-date information and insights as central offices. This puts everyone on the same playing field and opens up new opportunities for collaboration.

This is also where you can start to foster new communications between sales teams. While in the past, this may have been difficult due to locations, shifts, or expertise—with virtual communications as the norm, new levels of interaction are possible. 

Curious how to put this into action? Ask your teams what kind of collaboration they would find useful, helpful, and supportive. 


Step 04. Increase Speed and Convenience

Many sales teams are using virtual interactions to pave the way for cross-selling, up-selling, and rapid expansion. If your team is using warm introductions as part of their sales practices, you can connect-the-dots faster and easier than ever before.

Warm introductions enable sales professionals to meet up with people who are looking for their products, services, and solutions. It’s a powerful way to connect people with what you have to offer. By providing exceptional value to your customers, you can also increase the speed of sales and offer hassle-free ease. 


Step 05. Adopt To Digital Selling

Adopting often starts inside. The true inside is in our brains.

Adopting is something that happens from the inside, out. We move from ‘being forced’ to whole-heartedly adopting digital selling. We recognize the benefits, opportunities, ease, and simplicity. In short, we get into it. We realize that instead of being a pain, an inconvenience, or a command from on high…we recognize that ‘this is the way to go!’

This is a complete and total transformation. Simply, this is a vital shift that puts you in charge and highly motivated. 

You are your authority. You know this is the way to go.

This is an essential move, from external edict to internal motivation. In making this move, you’re taking control. You’re shifting your motivation from the outside to the inside.

When you see the value, you take the reins of virtual selling. You know it’s all about adoption, adjustment, and alignment. You know it is ‘the way to go.’


Step 06. Capture The Data

In many ways, as sales professionals, we work by blending art and science. We are at times artists and scientists. From the art side of things, we know intuitively what works. It’s a blend of our efforts, creativity, experience, personal expertise, and training. We often move from gut feelings and instinct to make connections that no one else noticed.

From the scientist part, we use data. This is where we can develop all the evidence, incidents, and hard numbers that other business people love. We love it too. It’s a profoundly great feeling when you can document your intuition with data.

Don’t you just love it when that happens?

It’s a fantastic feeling when the data shows you something you didn’t realize before. Makes your jaw drop and it inspires creative action.

When you can show the data for your own business, you have an immense amount of information. You can use data to show how virtual selling is saving money, saving time, appealing to new customers, engaging current customers, and expanding sales. 

Data is your currency to show the value of virtual selling. Capturing data from all your salesforce is how you can adapt, adjust, change, and respond to shifting conditions. 


Step 07. Translate and Optimize

When you are connecting the dots between new practices and profits, it’s a great time to share your insights. Share what you’re finding with your business partners. Communicate actively to your sales teams. Spread your newfound insights to your leadership team. 

As you translate the rewards of warm introductions and virtual selling, you may find that new ideas lead you forward. Perhaps these ideas spark innovation, collaboration, and the definition of new products and services. You may be delighted and rewarded by finding that people are open, responsive, and supportive of your insights. 

Translating your findings is how you can optimize selling across your business. It may even extend to sharing your insights across other lines of business, industry, and trade associations. 


Sum Up

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