How CoSell Works empowers companies to securely and privately share data. The CoSell program will then seamlessly surface overlaps and partnership opportunities.

In terms of marketing and sales, the true value of a company lies with its customers and account data. Additionally, more than ever, strategic partnerships and co-selling ventures are proving to be more valuable to businesses than ever. In fact, according to a 2019 Forrester Study, a mature strategic partner ecosystem is responsible for 20% of surveyed companies' total annual revenue. However, when it comes to partnerships, the connection between data and revenue is really weak. Fortunately, the innovative platform is here to solve this problem.

To enumerate, empowers companies to securely and privately share data. The CoSell program will then seamlessly surface overlaps and partnership opportunities. Better yet, the platform is fully online and updates in real-time. Finally, you can say goodbye to the archaic ways of spreadsheets. This cutting edge technology gives sales teams the power to co-sell and track success in a way that has never before been possible. - The Process

Now that you are sufficiently intrigued by the power of, let's discuss the process of partnering via the CoSell platform.

    1. Sign Up! Start by connecting your CRM (i.e. Salesforce)

    2. Once you are online, will automatically populate customer overlaps with potential partners

    3. You then have the power to create personalized segments of data that you can share with potential partners

    4. Using this data, you can broker introductions to your desired partners directly on

    5. Once the connection has been made, the magic happens. Meetings, Deals, and Partnerships

    6. With your exciting partnership now formed, both companies can then invite their respective sales teams and drive co-selling efforts on

    7. The CoSell platform will automatically track and measure success and partner attributed revenue using real-time analytics

    8. You can seamlessly open and manage multiple partnerships at once via CoSell is your one-stop shop for data account mapping, customer mapping, and opportunity mapping.


The Benefits of

By utilizing, your company can flourish in ways you never imagined. Forrester confirms that successful partnerships can grow revenue twice as fast as solo business ventures. Additionally, of over 450 companies surveyed, over 75% confirmed that strategic partnerships are the lifeblood of their sales and marketing strategy this year.

Better yet, for the first time ever you can ditch outdated spreadsheets and experience real-time data populations. CoSell is the partner relationship management software you have been waiting for.


Join the CoSell Experience

Clearly, you cannot afford to miss out on partnership opportunities any longer. With CoSell finding and building your perfect partnership is easier and more efficient than ever before. With CoSell still in its early stages, you have a chance to get in and grow your business early. Join us today, and give your business a chance to prosper with a community of well-aligned partners.

If you’d like to explore how partnership co-selling can help you and your team boost sales and win major clients fast - check out our selection of free eBooks.

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