Partner On-boarding: Practical Partnership Integration

B2B relationships are a powerful tool in business growth. Below will list out the basic steps to a successfully streamlined partnership.

Congratulations on your exciting new business partnership! B2B relationships are a powerful tool in business growth. However, the actual integration of companies can be a tricky transition. Fortunately, when it comes to co-selling, there are proven best-practices to make this transition as smooth as possible. In this article, we will outline how to seamlessly blend your business with your partners.


Partner On-boarding Explained

Before we dive into the "how", let's answer the "what". Partner on-boarding is the process two or more companies undergo when they have decided to combine forces. Moreover, this process can be a reseller relationship, a co-selling ecosystem, or a full-blown system integration. For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on utilizing channel partners to optimize channel sales via co-selling. In other words, training your partner company to effectively market and sell your product or service.


Partner On-boarding: Step by Step

Without further adieu, we have made it to the "how". Below will list out the basic steps to a successfully streamlined partnership. For a fully fleshed out how-to, make a copy of our handy Template Guide to Partner On-boarding.‍

1. Initial Calibration Call

Now that you have decided to partner together, take some time to share more comprehensive details about your product with your partner. Dive into your plans for sales and distribution.

2. Sales Training

This is arguably the most important step. In a co-selling partnership ecosystem, you are utilizing your partner's proven sales team and tactics. However, no one knows your product or service better than you. Therefore, in order to maximize the effectiveness of both parties, you need to take time and care in training your partner. 

3. Identify Existing Customer/Client Relationships

Once your partner is thoroughly trained, their sales expertise will come into play. Typically, the initial allure of a potential partner is their existing clientele. Accordingly, the successful identification of crossover customer opportunities is a great place to start your sales journey. Here at CoSell, our innovative platform flawlessly executes this step for you. You can easily identify customer crossover and potential client opportunities from within the CoSell system. 

4. Build and Manage Your Team

Relationships are the backbone of a successful business. Relationships with customers, relationships with business partners, and relationships within your trusted team. CoSell believes in the power of community. As a result, we built a comprehensive system that allows you to connect with and manage your team flawlessly. 

5. Measure Growth

An essential element of a successful venture is proven and measurable growth. On the innovative CoSell platform, you can access real-time updates and track business growth and partnership success.


Partner On-boarding: In Summary

Building successful partnerships via co-selling is transforming the way businesses grow. By following the aforementioned steps, you can effectively blend businesses and unlock the full power of co-selling.

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