Surfing The Video Wave of the Future

Videoconferencing is the future. Here's why we're so in love with it & how you can keep things personal when connecting virtually with prospects & clients?

Even the most successful sales professionals face a huge challenge in today’s environment. How to keep things personal when connecting virtually with prospects and clients?

In a recent McKinsey study, we’re seeing what many of us are also finding to be true: the majority of B2B companies have shifted their go-to-market sales model. Traditional in-person selling is down 52%. Even more relevant to sales, is that digital interaction has shifted to videoconferencing, with an increase of 41%.

In short: people prefer video to the phone. People prefer to live online chat, up by 23%. 

According to the McKinsey study, videoconferencing is the wave of the present – and the future. It makes me wonder if you’re seeing similar trends in your industry. Are you finding this to be the case in your business?

Here’s some of the current thinking about why in sales, we’re so in love with video conferencing.


01. Bring Human Touch to Virtual Sales

Seeing the face of your prospect of the client is the closest thing to ‘being there.’ Sure, you may be on the other side of town, or the other side of the globe. But when you can see someone’s face, distance evaporates. 

You’re talking person to person. You bridge the gap between space, time, and location. Instead of being an anonymous voice or disembodied set of words, you’re a living, breathing human being.


02. Simplify Transactions

With video, you are in real-time interaction. If your client has a question or concern, they can address it immediately. You can save hours, days, and weeks of confusion, emailing, and back-and-forth. 

Ultimately, this is the way to get to the heart of what people are looking for, what they need, and whether your product or solution is the right match.


03. Cultivate a Professional Image

As many sales professionals are working from home or a home office, video is a terrific way to keep things professional and personal. You can set up the environment to be neutral, organized, and work-ready. 

Of course, if you’ve been using video conferencing from the kitchen table—well, now is the time to upgrade and create a professional environment. You may find the virtual backdrops offered on Zoom a fast way to easily create a workplace environment.


04. Personalize Your Message

In videoconferencing, you can adapt, adjust, and transform your message. This is the time to put into action all the things you may know about your prospect or client. 

Instead of relying on a script or doing a rote presentation, it’s entirely possible to adapt your message to your client’s business, organization, and industry. Sales experts advise staying current with your client’s local daily news. This gives you a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in their world. You can use this insight to personalize your message and address local news such as current issues, trends, climate, sports, and events. 

The more you know about your client, the more you can personalize your message. Look at this from the different levels such as personal, professional, organizational, and industry. Perhaps there are business mergers and acquisitions that are taking place in their world. Maybe they are facing new changes with legislation. Perhaps there are issues with big data usage and cybersecurity appearing on the horizon.

The more you understand their perspective, the more you can meet them personally in your videoconference.

As you cultivate your skills for video conferencing, these broad actions will help you organize for success.


Boosting Effectiveness To Reach Clients 

Naturally, in addition to understanding the big brush strokes, you can build your skills for connecting with clients and prospects. The McKinsey study confirms that B2B organizations are using new sales models to reach prospects, cultivate new customers, and serve existing customers. In short, businesses are seeing the immense value of being able to reach and connect virtually with customers.  

While video conferencing has been around for some time, as sales professionals, it may not have been your mainstay. Now is the time to build your skills so you can easily survive the most challenging video calls. 

Video strengths help you become a professional in using this medium. By understanding and developing your unique strengths can help you achieve your goals for professional delivery. You can boost effectiveness in videoconferencing when you approach building skills, with a keen eye for the details. 

Let’s look at 5 keys to take a practical, hands-on approach. Use these keys to unlock a greater level of mastery.


5 Keys to Professional Videoconferencing Delivery

While current video conferencing is the rage, many sales professionals are still grappling with a big learning curve. It’s not just the tools. It’s the nitty-gritty details of background, ease, appearance, lighting, and preparation. Combine these dimensions to be successful in remote engagement. 

Many sales organizations I speak with know conceptually that video conferencing skills are essential to thrive in today’s business environment. But, truth be told, a lot of people are still struggling with basic details. 

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can learn the skills and discover how to be exceptionally effective using videoconferencing.

Here are 5 areas to check to ensure the highest standard of professional delivery, in every videoconference.

01. Professional Environment

    • Create a professional backdrop for your video conference

    • Insure that you have quiet—no barking dogs, interruptions, or background noise

    • De-clutter your desk for a minimalist and organized presentation

    • Remove excess clutter for a professional look

    • Check out Zoom for options to create a virtual backdrop of an office space

02. Professional Ease and Familiarity

    • Get comfortable with the tools you’re using

    • Check the internet connection in advance

    • Check sound levels with a team member or associate

    • Familiarize yourself with your video conferencing software

    • Do a practice run-through, using all the tools for a dress rehearsal

03. Professional Appearance

    • Wear professional solid-colored clothes

    • Choose neutral tones without loud patterns to show well on video

    • Check your hair and facial appearance

    • Opt for classic jewelry that is not distracting

    • Soften your look with Zoom’s “Improve My Appearance” 

04. Professional Lighting

    • Natural light is a fast way to improve your online appearance

    • Organize your set up, ideally, to face a window

    • Place a light or window at your side

    • Position the camera at eye-level

    • Do a practice lighting check with a team member 

05. Professional Delivery

    • Smiling and making eye contact is key

    • Watch and learn from professional presenters such as news anchors 

    • Look directly into the camera

    • Have notes on a tablet or notepad

    • Create a sheet of tips and techniques to prepare for success


Sum Up

By identifying ways to improve your video conferencing skills, you are creating the foundation for high-value partnerships. As you connect with more people online, you’ll gain skills in managing technology, giving effective presentations, and running engaging virtual meetings.

As many experts predict, video meetings are part of a trend that is set to only increase. By building your skills in running engaging videoconferences, you’ll position yourself for success. 

While you may not be meeting in person, at a live trade show, or on the golf course, meeting by video has proven exceptionally valuable for sales professionals. It is the ideal place to increase the sharing of warm introductions. 

Using a platform like is the simplest way to get your sales team on board. CoSell is a robust platform that makes it easy and fast to automate and scale collaborative co-selling across sales teams. 

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