The 7 Top Trends for Co-Selling in 2021

Curious what lies ahead for co-selling in 2021? We've scoured the news and selected the 7 critical trends for collaborative selling.

Curious what lies ahead for co-selling in 2021? We've scoured the news and selected the 7 critical trends for collaborative selling. 

All of the indicators from industry experts, news, and sales consultancies point to the ongoing reliance on collaborative selling. Not only do trends confirm that software will become more utilized, but teams will become more skilled in making the best use of technology. As companies increasingly rely on co-selling, trends indicate the companies will continue to integrate data and resources within the CRM system.


01. Human Experience Is A Top Priority

As we've been saying here at Co-Sell, it's time to make sales more human. We're seeing this as a huge trend for CRM and co-selling. 

As sales professionals, don't we just love to use acronyms? CX is the big one on everyone's mind. It stands for, of course, customer experience (CX). More and more organizations are demanding CX be easy to use, enjoyable, and visual. 

People expect to relate to software in a human, friendly, and interactive way. We're seeing this trend as absolutely vital to success in 2021. According to Salesforce, 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. 

This is no longer an afterthought of wrapping up the old in a new look. The human experience is a key priority. As customers get used to CRM systems for co-selling, it's only natural that their expectations will increase. 


02. Voice Technology: Easy, Fun and Simple To Use

It's not a surprise. We all are busy professionals. We don't want to fight with our software on top of all the rest we need to do in the day. 

This is why we're seeing a distinct trend in simplicity, ease, and fun for co-selling technology. 

One key expression of this is voice technology. Adobe's research in voice technology found, "Almost all users (94%) consider voice technology easy to use and say it does more than save time—it improves their quality of life."

Experts are indicating that they expect voice technology to be a key aspect of CRM trends. 

CRM leaders including SAP indicate that voice technology is a critical investment. Salesforce is investing in Einstein Voice Assistant to make it easier for sales professionals to record, update, and track customer data. 


03. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rules

Who doesn't want routine drudgery to be reduced or eliminated? This desire for automating repetitive tasks points the way to artificial intelligence. As a trend, this is likely to speed response time and increase efficiency in sales conversations. 

It may also be key to assisting salespeople to personalize conversations and resolve issues with greater efficiency. AI-based CRM also can examine different sales scenarios and determine which strategies are most successful. Imagine what this could do to help you close more deals, learn from past errors, and be on the path of continuous learning.

Some market reports that AI in the CRM market will be worth about $72.9 billion in the next few years. Other financial projections indicate that the impact of AI in CRM could raise global business revenue by $1.1 trillion by the end of next year.


04. New Users Demand Smart Efficiency

CRM may have been a term not fully understood in previous decades. But, all that is changing radically. 

CRM is considered extremely critical by 28% of Millennials. Compare this to 18% of Generation X and 9% of Baby Boomers.

Trends indicate that this tech-centric approach is only set to increase. More Millennials and Gen Z are seeking personalization and innovation. One study found that 68% of customers leave if they feel you don't care for them. Thanks to greater reliance on technology, we're seeing increased use of CRM technology to maximize efficiency. This trend is only going to increase.


05. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

In our virtual sales world, we need and want to work from anywhere. This is shaping the expectations and requirements for effective co-selling software. 

With recent changes in our global business environment, more and more professionals are working from home. This reality to match workplace trends, mobility requirements, and security issues will continue to drive the evolution of CRM for effective co-selling.

We're looking forward to seeing more features, greater integration, and increased ease to support the communication needs of mobile salespeople.


06. Rethink Analytics

As we get used to the ever-evolving next normal in our sales world, expect an ever-increasing demand for analytics. Experts predict that sales leaders will rely on advanced analytics for activities such as warm introductions, partnership selling, and expanding retention. 

As an important trend, advanced analytics helps sales teams identify the best sales leads, expand into new territories, and explore the best opportunities. Virtual sales professionals are relying on data to make the most efficient use of their time to connect with customers. 

In this area of analytics, we're also seeing indicators pointing towards more data visualization tools, security features, and access to real-time data. In short, it's time for analytics to join the party. Expect to see new advancements for getting your data in ways that are fast, fun, and enjoyable to use.

Watch this trend closely. We predict that you'll see, feel, and touch the difference. Analytics is a central motor to fuel your sales success.


07. Be Ready For Radical Integration

More and more integration from multiple sources is a key trend for 2021 and beyond. CRM platforms will be able to track external interactions by customers. Data will be integrated with the use of analytics tools and marketing automation. Customer segmentation will be automatic. Billing and reporting processes will be integrated. 

Integration unlocks a world of options that can transform the quality of life for every sales professional. Expect this trend to only increase.


Sum Up

Co-Selling will become easier, faster, and more efficient in 2021 and the years to come. As you optimize your virtual sales performance, you can join successful businesses that are shaping the market and realizing significant revenue potential. Partnership Co-Selling is how you can virtually qualify B2B sales opportunity. You can use this to boost sales, expand your network, and grow profitability.

Using a platform like is the simplest way to get your sales team on board. CoSell is a robust platform that makes it easy and fast to automate and scale collaborative co-selling across sales teams. 

If you’d like to explore how partnership co-selling can help you and your team boost sales and win major clients fast - check out our selection of free eBooks.

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