Where Will Co-Selling Be A Year From Now?

It's that time of the year we make resolutions & commit to positive growth. Let's take a fresh look at partnership co-selling & explore all it's benefits.

At this time of year, we often set intentions, resolutions, and commit to positive growth. This is a time to take a fresh look at partnership co-selling and explore all the benefits with fresh motivation.

As you look ahead, ask yourself, “Where will CoSelling be a year from now?”

It’s a way to connect the dots and moves a great idea forward to a living reality. In sales, as you know, this starts with finding our unswerving passion for building partnerships.

In your early days of sales training, you most likely came across this kind of 4-part model to identify motivation. The four parts include 1. The pain of inaction. 2. Gain of action. 3. Benefits of status quo. 4. Benefits of action. 

It’s a good time now to look into the future.

Let’s jump in. 


01. What’s The Pain of Not CoSelling?

What strain or pain are you feeling about partnerships? Right now. This moment. What situation, circumstance, or issue is vying for your attention?

I bet you’ve got something in mind. Perhaps seeing some of the issues other sales professionals are dealing with can help put some meat on the bones of this question.

“I need to be more able to bounce back when things go haywire.”

“I’m nowhere as focused on partnerships as I’d like to be.”

“I’m reluctant to share data.”

“I want to build partnerships but I keep getting distracted with urgent issues.”

“ I haven’t gotten my team on board yet.”

Is anything sound familiar? If these ring a bell, perhaps you want to ask the most important question.

What is the cost of staying stuck? What is the cost – for you, your team, and your business?

Hang in there. Keep going because this is only a line in the sand – it’s where we are starting from, not where we are going towards.


02. What Can You Gain With CoSelling?

In making any change, we need to know the change will be better than the present. In making a change to collaborative selling, we have to know we’re changing for something better. 

Otherwise…well, it’s not very motivating. 

What can you gain? Will you gain more loyal customers? Will you gain more engaged sales teams? Will you gain shorter sales cycles? Will you gain bigger deals? Will you gain a stronger network of strategic partnerships?

Identify what you will gain from making a change. 

You might find it motivating to put a dollar sign on it. This is one way to measure success. Others include making a positive impact on your team, growing your business, and adding value to your customers. You are in charge of what you gain and how you want to measure it.

With this glimpse into the future, let’s move on.


03. What’s The Benefit of Keeping Status Quo on CoSelling?

Usually, we think in terms of benefits for future scenarios. It’s easier to see the benefits of partner co-selling – getting warm introductions to people who are looking for what you’re offering. The big benefits include contact with key decision-makers, access to company insights, deep understanding of buying cycles and behaviors. 

You may find that with these benefits, it’s easier to close deals faster, increase the size of deals, and enjoy a new landscape of collaboration.

Yet, there might be hidden benefits to keeping things as they are. This can be a little mind-bending at first. 

What are the benefits of staying in your current comfort zone?

A comfort zone can be cozy. It is familiar. At first glance, familiarity seems less stressful. However, since you are in sales, I doubt that you’re one for sticking in your comfort zone. 

You are motivated for building partnerships; I bet you are willing to stretch. You know that maintaining the status quo is not where you’ll find a new opportunity for growth. You are unlikely to meet new strategic partners for collaboration.

Once you investigate the benefits of the status quo – you’ll have added fuel to make a change. You’ll know from the inside out what you need to do.


04. What’s The Benefit of Growing CoSelling?

Now, take time to picture all the gains of co-selling. 

Perhaps you’ll create a new offering that puts your company on the international map. Maybe you’ll be part of a partnership that develops award-winning software or design. Possibly, you’ll find partners where your unique talents are recognized in ways you’ve only dreamed of.


In talking with my clients, here are a few examples of potential gains: 

    • If you are partnering with a larger business, you can grow...
    • Exposure to a broad customer base who has already identified a specific need (your product, service, or solution)
    • Direct contact with a defined market that is seeking your solution
    • Recommendations to avid niche markets seeking what you offer
    • Personal meetings with key decision-makers via warm introductions
    • Expansion to a vast scope of funding, marketing, financing, legal and other services
    • Insight into data about markets, buying trends, and innovation


If you are partnering with a start-up, you can get:

    • Exposure to creativity and collaboration
    • Direct access to done-for-you product design
    • New coursework for cutting-edge training
    • Personal coaching and consulting from subject matter experts
    • Prototypes of innovations
    • Beta testing and input on software development
    • Access to new technology before it’s publicly available

What is the best possible outcome for partnership selling this year? If the outcome is as amazing as you imagine, just how important is that to you? 

When you investigate in this way, you are in command. You can analyze, explore, and connect directly with your motivation.


Sum Up

Fast forward to a year from now. Where will CoSelling be? By identifying your motivation, the value is clear. There’s no question that you will focus on action and use this year for building strategic collaborative partnerships. 

By optimizing your virtual sales performance, you can join successful businesses that are shaping the market and realizing significant revenue potential. Partnership Co-Selling is how you can virtually qualify B2B sales opportunity. You can use this to boost sales, expand your network, and grow profitability.

Using a platform like CoSell.io is the simplest way to get your sales team on board. CoSell is a robust platform that makes it easy and fast to automate and scale collaborative co-selling across sales teams.

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