For Sales Leaders

For Sales Leaders

The Sales Playbook for 2022

Jason M. Lemkin (SaaStr) meets with Brendon Cassidy (CoSell) to discuss the "Sales Playbook for 2022". 

For Sales Leaders

Who's Number One? (In the Sales Cloud)

Almost 4 years ago I spoke to a bunch sales leaders and had them rank their Sales Stack, most important to least important.


5 Key Sales Trends To Boost Growth For 2021

Sales leaders are seeking to grow revenue and they’re doing it within a partner ecosystem. Here are 5 key trends are connected to this vital...

For Sales Leaders

5 Co-Sell Tips To Grow Your Business

Whether you’re in a small business or a global enterprise, here are 5 Co-Sell tips to ensure your sales team is positioned to win.

For Sales Leaders

The 6 Business Benefits of Collaboration

What are the true business benefits of collaboration? Let's find out and learn how you can get your company positioned to win at collaboration.

For Sales Leaders

ABC’s of Collaborating In The Next Normal

Is collaboration alive and well in our next normal? Or is our shift to remote working having a negative impact on collaboration?

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