Who's Number One? (In the Sales Cloud)

Almost 4 years ago I spoke to a bunch sales leaders and had them rank their Sales Stack, most important to least important.

Almost 4 years ago I spoke to a bunch sales leaders and had them rank their Sales Stack, most important to least important. There were some predictable responses (Salesforce was high on the list, Outreach high) and some surprises that many disagreed on (Gong was very high on the list even though a relatively young company.)

So hows it looking these days? And, no, I will not include CoSell on this list because A) I am the CEO, and B) While we have some great customers, we are a young building business. Not at the levels of these folks…yet. (Bookmark it, we will be in 18 months) But of course you should reach out to me and take a look if you want to start referral selling.

Ok. Here we go. And, hey, this is just my view from the VPs of Sales I speak with. Don’t take it personally.

1) Outreach (46 points). Hey, I’m just operating the scoreboard here. Outreach is going public, soon I would guess. I am a huge fan of both the CEOs and Outreach and SalesLoft. But Outreach is winning this war and SL needs to change the narrative somehow. Sorry…just being honest.

2) Gong (44 points). I guess I was right about this one. Yeah. Gong is everywhere now. They have become an indispensable part of the Sales Stack, and in many ways the lifeblood of it. It’s the river snaking through the forest. All things become one, and a river runs through it. BTW: I see Outreach and Gong becoming…adversaries. Clearly they both want to be a platform here. In the immortal words of Colonel Tanner in the epic film Red Dawn: “I don’t know. Two toughest kids on the block, I guess. Sooner or later, they’re gonna fight.” I’m right by the way.

3) Salesforce.com (40 points). Look. Great company. Salesforce Automation? Top notch. Umkay. Who wants a Fresca?

4) ZoomInfo (35 points). Lets give It up for Henry Schuck and the ZoomInfo team. Did you know ZoomInfo has a $24 billion market cap? Yeah. These guys are legit. And a true Portland success story (much like Cassidy’s Restaurant and Bar in downtown Portland that’s right…the family business. Free drink for anyone who references my name to the owner)

5) SalesLoft (31 points). A very good company currently #2 in their space. I believe there is going to be a great outcome for #1 and #2. Can’t everyone win?

6) LinkedIn Sales Navigator (29 points). An institution in the “clean data when finding names” space.

Up and Comers:

1) Demostack (seeing these guys more and more. Love the product. Had to go deeper so reached out to their CEO. More expanded article coming.)

2) Spiff (love these guys. Why wouldn’t you buy their product?)

3) Who am I missing? (I’m not perfect)

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