Why Sales Enablement Gives You Competitive Advantage

In a rapidly changing landscape, sales teams need the best tools, training and support. Here's why sales enablement gives you a competitive advantage.

In a rapidly changing environment, sales teams need to have the best tools, training, and support. It’s not a complicated concept. In common language, you could say, “it’s a no brainer-brainer you could turn to the great business guru, Peter Drucker:

“If you think training is expensive, try ignorance.”

—Peter Drucker

Talking with sales professionals, you often get the feeling that sales enablement is not valued. Just the name elicits frowns, scowls, and concerns. Managers fret about their reps being out of the office and taking ‘time-out’ from sales. This kind of limited thinking will restrict your company’s ability to be competitive. 

Let’s look at 4 reasons why sales enablement gives you a competitive advantage.


Adapt To Partner Ecosystem Landscape

We are seeing unprecedented changes in B2B selling. With all the predictions from big consulting companies, we’re heading into new models for selling.

Yet, we still often expect the sales rep to hop to it. Adapt. Adjust. Be agile.

It’s kind of like making a wish and hoping that will be a successful business strategy. It’s a nice idea. I wish it worked. But in fact, we need to do more.

We need to support sales reps with all the training they need to build adaptive skills. If you’re working with folks who are used to following a script or structuring a week with regular activities – you need to help them stretch. They will need new skills to succeed in a rapidly changing landscape.

Not sure where to start? Talk to your sales leaders and sales reps. Find out what they want and determine what they need. 


Adjust To Emerging Situations

Old-style sales training often relied on a set of actions, within the scope of what was considered normal. It worked when normal occurred. But if things went out of scope or off-script, reps that were trained in this manner floundered.

These days, sales reps and teams need to adjust to different situations. We are often working from home offices, working in hybrid arrangements, and different locations from our teammates and clients. The skills needed have to be flexible and fluid. 

To achieve this, sales need specific training and adapting and staying flexible. They may have to shift an in-person pitch to a virtual one. They may need to refine their Zoom presentations to be effective. They may need to switch mediums all the while respecting the needs of a prospect or customer.

If you think of this as a language, the old-style method was more like learning a foreign language to do basic activities: order food, get a hotel room or find a train. The new Sales Enablement is becoming fully conversant. It’s becoming so fluent in buyer interactions that it’s easy to have a meaningful conversation. It’s becoming so fluent that you can connect in every environment, with every decision-maker, and with every media. 


Be Agile With Data and People

In the past, sales reps were often hired because of being a ‘people-person.’ Analysts may have been hired because of being a ‘data wizard.’

However, this kind of thinking is out of date. Today, and as we head into the future, we’re looking for sales reps who are agile – with data and with people. We want to make sure that each rep has ease and fluency across a wide range of skills. It’s this kind of flexibility that enables each rep to move freely between data insights and understanding buyer needs. 

Think about your sales reps. Are some extremely skilled and insightful about data? Are others able to connect with anyone – across any kind of apparent division or boundary?

Sales enablement aims at helping each rep gain the skill to be equally comfortable with data and people. It’s not rocket science. However, if you start with this end in mind, you can grow your competitive advantage. If you don’t, you risk losing out to your competitor. The choice is yours.


Align Across Locations

In small teams and small businesses, people rely on face-to-face interactions to stay connected. It’s easy to walk across the room, gather in the conference room, and share updates. 

These days, virtual tools help sales teams achieve the same level of alignment. No doubt, you’ve become a pro at staying connected with email, Zoom, and video to bridge any gap amongst your team.

Of course, as organizations expand, new challenges emerge. These challenges often increase as you work with hybrid teams and remote workers. Scheduling. Information flow. Updates. Policies. Sharing new client information. Tracking sales progress. Using new protocols.  

When you’re not in the same building, it’s even more critical to have clarity. You’ll need to use every tool possible to keep everyone on the same page.  

Sales enablement is all about alignment. If you’re in one location or many, look at ways to keep everyone up-to-date with the right information.  

Think about ways to do this that are fun, friendly, and engaging.

For instance, use videos to share sales insights in a friendly, human manner.  Hold a morning Zoom meeting with new client insights. Have a mid-week check-in for all team members. Connect new hires with experienced sales reps for informal mentoring.

Share stories of how top performers make warm introductions, identify overlaps and increase average deal size. Show the value of collaborative sales techniques to reduce churn, and boost win rates. There’s nothing like a win to drive participation.


Sum Up

Sales enablement gives you a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing sales landscape. 

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